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        Shock Absorber Bearings
        Plane Bearings
        Anti-thrust Bearings
        Pressure Bearings
        Plastic Spring Seat
        Auto Shock Absorber Series
          AS Plastic Pieces Series
        Auto Swing Door Handle Series
        Alpenstock & Skiing Pole Accessories
        Add:Two Ninghai County Road No. 35 Taoyuan Street Jinshan
        Tel: 86-574-65352799
        Fax: 86-574-83518208 4008266163-05850
        Contact: Mr. Yang
        Mobile: 86-13605789889
        Web: www.ojk4.cn
        ST-902907 / 902945
        ST-109046 / 902965
        ST-901929 / 1934 / 2999
        Ninghai Tengsheng Plastic Rubber Co., Ltd. engaged in the production of auto absorber bearings, auto swing door handle, alpenstock, accessories, etc. The company is located in Haizhang Village, Xidian, Ninghai County, enjoyed beautiful landscape and convenient transportation, that is 35km away from Xikou---the state-level tourism resort, 40km away from Ningbo Airport, nearby the YONGTAIWEN EXPWY and 214 Provincial Highway.
        With over 10 years production experience in the shock absorber industry, since the company founded, we attach great importance to internal quality control, technical innovation and improve the manufacturing process, and after-sales service, as far as possible to reduce energy consumption, quality assurance, to meet the various customer ...
           Add: Haizhang Village, Xidian, Ninghai County, Zhejiang Province, China Tel: 86-574-65352799 Fax: 86-574-83518208 
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